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Jupiter x Zeta (Finished)

Ended 24/12/2023 - Z-Score distributed in January.
Zeta x Jupiter

Jupiter Start: Educate

We’re excited to be partnering with Jupiter on their Jupiter Start initiative and introducing their users to trading - with a grand total of 10M Z-Score to be distributed to the Jupiter community! Here is all the critical information you need to get started. Ready to start trading? Start Trading Now!
  1. 1.
    What are the dates of the competition?
The competition starts at 15:00 UTC on the 19/12/2023 and ends on 22/12/2023.
  1. 2.
    Who is eligible to participate?
All wallets that have traded on Jupiter before the start date of the competition are eligible to participate!
  1. 3.
    What do I get for winning the competition?
A total of 10 million Z-Score will be distributed to the top 500 traders on the Jupiter exclusive leaderboard, ranked by Z-Score - you can see the leaderboard here
  1. 4.
    What is Z-Score?
Z-Score is the first step towards the launch of the Zeta token. To learn more about Z-Score, see here
  1. 5.
    How do I participate in the competition and earn Z-Score?
Participants need to deposit USDC & trade on Zeta to earn Z-Score. To earn Z-Score, see the mechanics here, the top 500 traders will be rewarded. Essentially:
  • $1 in taker volume = 1 Z-Score
  • Your $ PnL Rank
  1. 6.
    How do I win?
The leaderboard is ranked by Z-Score earned from trading activities; the higher your Z-Score, the higher your rank will be on the leaderboard!
  1. 7.
    Will the Jupiter Leaderboard consider any bonuses or multipliers?
Yes. All existing bonuses from campaigns or NFT burns will be included. Note that some of these bonuses are only applied retroactively.
  1. 8.
    How will the 10M Z-Score be distributed to the top 500?
The distribution will follow a specific curve/mechanism to reward higher-performing participants with more Z-Score:
  • Tier 1 (Top 1-20%): 4,000,000 Z-Score
  • Tier 2 (21-40%): 2,500,000 Z-Score
  • Tier 3 (41-60%): 1,500,000 Z-Score
  • Tier 4 (61-80%): 1,200,000 Z-Score
  • Tier 5 (81-100%): 800,000 Z-Score