ZX will be a Solana rollup built to scale the trading experience. Settlement and consensus (data availability) will exist on the native Solana L1, whilst execution will be handled by an off-chain zkVM compatible matching engine. While perpetuals trading remains our primary focus, ZX is designed with the flexibility to facilitate a broader range of functionalities found across today's DeFi applications such as borrow-lend and spot trading.

Core Features

  • High Throughput: Capable of processing up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).

  • Speed: Latency will be competitive with leading platforms like Binance with soft-confirmations ranging between 3-5 milliseconds.

  • User Experience: Seamless, one-click trading, eliminating the need for users to sign each transaction.

  • Capital Efficiency: Supports trading with up to 50x leverage with multiple forms of collateral.

  • Proof of Reserves: On-chain transparency of the funds held by the exchange smart contract at all times.

  • Verifiability and transparency: ZX blocks will be publicly available for full node access on Solana L1 and have a trustless verification and dispute process.

  • REST/Websocket API: A developer experience on par with centralised venues.

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