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Zeta currently supports desktop trading only.

If youโ€™re new to Zeta, no worries! Learn how to trade on Zeta with these easy steps.

1. Create a new Solana wallet with Phantom

Creating a Solana wallet is your gateway to the Solana ecosystem. Phantom wallet makes it easy to interact with the Zeta exchange.

You can also view our recommended Solana wallets at: https://docs.zeta.markets/educational-resources/compatible-wallets

2. Send USDC and SOL to your new Solana wallet

All trading on Zeta is denominated in USDC. You will also need a small amount of SOL (~0.5 is more than enough) to pay for opening a margin account & transaction fees.

Send USDC and a small amount of SOL from your favourite exchange or bridge to your new Solana wallet.

3. Connect your wallet

Navigate to https://dex.zeta.markets and connect your wallet.

Select a Perpetual Swaps Market - currently we offer BTC, ETH, SOL, APT & ARB for trading.

4. Execute Your Trade

Deposit USDC from your wallet into the exchange and follow the prompts.

Decide if you are buying or selling and enter the quantity you would like to trade. You can also use the slider to select an amount.

Zeta allows you to take up to 8x leverage when trading ARB-Perp

Use the Market Order Type if you want to get the best price available.

Once you click Buy or Sell, you will be able to see your position in the Positions tab underneath the price chart.

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Looking for a more detailed guide of all trading functionality? Head over to Learn how to trade on Zeta

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About Zeta Markets

Zeta is the universal access layer for derivatives in web3. Our mission is to become the number-one provider of on-chain products in our field. Zeta's flagship product is a capital-efficient decentralized exchange offering perpetual contracts. The Zeta DEX has been live on Solana since January 2022, bootstrapped by some of the most experienced experts in cryptocurrency trading and decentralized finance, including Jump Crypto, Amber, Wintermute, Pattern Research, and Electric Capital.

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