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  • Zeta is partnering with the Mad Lads, Tensorians, and Banx NFT collections for Season 1 of Z-Score.

  • Holders from these NFT collections will receive special benefits during the season to boost their Z-Score earning power. These include Z-Pass cNFT airdrops and a designated "Community Week".

  • Proxy NFTs will be sent to holders so that they can trade using hot wallets and be included in community week snapshots without having to move their grails from their Ledgers.

  • At the end of the season, the collection whose traders earn the most Z-Score will be crowned Season 1 champs and split a prize pool of 1M Z-Score.


For Season 1 of Z-Score, we're got an absolutely stacked lineup of NFT communities who we are excited to be partnering with. These communities contain members who are known for their deep expertise in DeFi and NFTfi, as well as their skill in trading. Consequently, we believe these individuals are exactly who we need to kick-off Z-Score with a bang! Season 1 partners include Tensorians, Banx (Delayed to Season 2), and Mad Lads.


1️⃣ Z-Pass Airdrop

Current Tensorian, Banx, and Mad Lad Holders

All Tensorian, Banx, and Mad Lad NFT holders that are included in our snapshot will be airdropped Z-Pass cNFTs. Holders will receive a Z-Pass for every NFT they hold in a collection, up to a max of 4. Once these passes go live on Zeta, they can be used at any time during Season 1. Z-Passes can be burned to receive a 2x boost to your Z-Score for the proceeding 7 days. To learn more about how Z-Pass works and when it will be activated, click here.

Mad Wars Veterans

As an extra benefit and show of our appreciation to the Lads who pushed boundaries with us, we will be airdropping 6 Z-Pass cNFTs to Mad Lad holders that traded during the Mad Wars - one for every week of the season. This ensures that these special traders stay loaded and boosted all season long!

2️⃣ Community Week

In addition to receiving Z-Pass cNFTs for boosting, each community will have its own "Community Week" where holders of that particular collection will receive a 2x boost on Z-Score generated during the week.

You do not need to be included in our snapshot for the Z-Pass cNFT airdrop to participate in the "Community Week" promotions.

All you need to do is make sure to hold one of these NFTs during their respective promoted weeks and you will be eligible for the Z-Score boost.

Season 1 Schedule

All weeks begin at 00:00 UTC and end at 23:59 UTC


Mad Lads

13 Nov 2023

17 Nov 2023


27 Nov 2023

01 Dec 2023

Banx (DELAYED) - will be a part of Season 2.

11 Dec 2023

15 Dec 2023


To ensure that traders are holding their NFT(s) all throughout the week, we'll be taking periodic snapshots. In order to qualify for the 2x boost, traders must be in 4 out of 5 holder snapshots.

To allow holders to leave their grails in cold storage, we will airdrop "proxy NFTs" to all holder wallets. If your NFT is in a cold wallet, transfer your proxy NFT to your hot, trading wallet, and this will ensure you are included in all snapshots.

3️⃣ Intra-season Competition

Finally, tying the previous two benefits together, is our intra-season NFT community competition! We'll be tracking the performance of NFT holder wallets all season long. The community which racks up the most Z-Score by season's end will win a pool of 1M Z-Score, split proportionally among traders from the winning collection! 🏆

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