Market Making Bot

Show quotes on both sides of the orderbook to profit from trading activity


The Python SDK also provides a simple MM box example:

This bot provides liquidity to Zeta DEX by issuing bid and ask quotes for a given asset. It monitors mark prices from Binance, using them to inform where it should be quoting. The bot won't hedge its position elsewhere, but a good starting place is using ccxt to hedge on your second favourite exchange 😊

If things are going well and you want to scale it up, reach out to us about our Maker Incentives Program!


  • Install the Python SDK using the instructions in Python SDK to run pip and set up a wallet.

  • Run python examples/ Note that the following configuration options are available via extra command line arguments:

    • -n: Network, defaults to mainnet

    • -u: RPC url, defaults to solana's public RPC

    • -c, Commitment level, defaults to Confirmed

    • -a: Asset, defaults to SOL

    • -s: Lot size, defaults to 0.1

    • -e: Edge, defaults 20

    • -o: Offset, defaults to 0

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