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Margin Account Parameters


Account Equity

This is the current value of your account, including the current market value of all open positions and your USDC equity.
equity=balance+unrealizedPnL+unpaidFundingequity = balance+unrealizedPnL + unpaidFunding

Buying Power

Your buying power is the amount of capital you are able to deploy after factoring in the leverage offering for the market you are trading.
buyingPower=freeCollateralmarkPriceinitialMarginPerLotbuyingPower = freeCollateral * \frac{markPrice}{initialMarginPerLot}

Free Collateral

The amount of free collateral your account has that is not being used to collateralise other positions or open orders.
freeCollateral=balance+unrealizedPnL+unpaidFundinginitialMarginfreeCollateral = balance + unrealizedPnL + unpaidFunding - initialMargin

Margin Usage

The percentage of equity you have used to collateralise positions.
marginUsage=maintenanceMarginequitymarginUsage = \frac{maintenanceMargin}{equity}

Current Account Leverage

The overall leverage ratio of your account. Your account leverage is equal to the value of all open positions divided by your account equity.
leverage=equitypositionsleverage = equity * \sum{positions}

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