Hi, We're Zeta (ζ)

Zeta (ζ) is the premier under-collateralized DeFi derivatives platform, providing liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions alike. Powered by @solana x @serum.

Our Mission

Zeta’s mission is to democratise derivatives, allowing anyone and everyone to put their hard-earned money to work:
  • Provide the ecosystem with a bulletproof derivatives platform.
  • Create user experiences and products which simplify the derivatives trading experience.
Ultimately enabling anyone to hedge, speculate, and take opinions on a limitless variety of market movements.

Our Products

We have two core products - DEX & FLEX.


This is our decentralized derivatives exchange with under-collateralized Options & Futures trading. Details: Zeta DEX Devnet: devnet.zeta.markets Mainnet: mainnet.zeta.markets


FLEX is our options minting & auctioning infralayer for DeFi - enabling any protocol to leverage options. This is already used by Katana, Ribbon Finance & Exotic Markets - with more on the way. Details: Zeta FLEX Landing page: coming soon Auctions: flex.zeta.markets (DM for pw / check partner auction announcements!)

Build With Zeta

Interested in integrating with Zeta? Check out all our technical documentation & get more information here: Build With Zeta