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Welcome to Zeta

Trade your favourite assets with uncompromising security
Zeta's mission is to become the world's leading decentralized derivatives exchange (DEX). It offers the best of both worlds: the speed and user experience of a centralized exchange, whilst providing full self-custody and transparency for users by running on a public blockchain network (Solana).
Zeta has been a leading force in the DeFi space since its inception in 2021 and currently offers perpetual swaps trading across a number of popular cryptocurrencies. More info can be found on Zeta's website.

Key features:

  • Secure: Full self custody of assets, USDC margined.
  • Capital Efficient: Up to 10x leverage with cross margin.
  • Price Discovery without Centralization: Fully on-chain limit orderbook (CLOB).
  • Institutional Liquidity: Programatic connectivity to our smart contract using our SDK / CPI programs for Market Makers and other integrations.
  • Gamified: Leaderboard, referrals and trading rewards.
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