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Exchange Architecture

The innovative technical design choices that underpin Zeta
Historically in DeFi, exchanges have been limited by the underlying infrastructure. Blockchains have been too slow to facilitate the transaction volume required to create an experience similar to that of a centralized exchange. As a result, building orderbook style exchanges which both retail traders and professionals/institutions are familiar with has been next to impossible. This has resulted in DeFi trading experiences that diverge significantly from the centralized experience. Zeta changes this.
In order to build an experience that is inline with a centralized experience a key decision was picking a high performance blockchain. The Solana blockchain met our needs by providing:
  • High Transactional Throughput: 50,000 per second.
  • Low Fees: Less than $0.1 of a cent.
  • Fast Settlement Times: 400ms block times.
Solana does this all whilst maintaining necessary security and decentralization guarantees. As such we are able to build a decentralized exchange as performant as a centralized exchange.