๐Ÿ’ฐClaim Your $ZEX Allocation

All information related to claiming your $ZEX allocation

Claiming Your $ZEX Allocation

  1. Head to https://token.zeta.markets/ - please verify that you are at the correct link and beware of scammers!

  2. Connect Your Trading Wallet

  3. Choose Immediate Claim or Diamond Hand Claim - see details below

You can check out the various claim & staking guides here

Diamond Hand Claim

The Diamond Hand Claim is designed for users who are long-term aligned with Zeta.

By opting for a Diamond Hand Claim, users can claim all of their allocation categories in full at TGE and stake them in one action. Staking your airdrop from the outset offers several benefits:

  • Qualification for the Staking Airdrop

  • Staking your airdrop earlier means your average gZEX over the first epoch will be higher, increasing your potential staking airdrop rewards.

  • Immediate participation in governance and access to boosted incentives as soon as they are implemented.

Immediate Claim & 7-Day Bonus

The Immediate Claim allows users to claim their airdrop at any time. Users can claim their allocations in full immediately from TGE, along with any portion of the 7-Day Bonus that has already unlocked.

As the 7-Day Bonus continues to unlock, a user opting for an Immediate Claim can claim a larger allocation until the maximum allocation is reached at the end of the 7-day period.


User A is eligible for 1000 $ZEX from OG, Season 1, Season 2 and the Community Allocation and therefore a 7-Day Bonus of 1000 $ZEX.

Scenario 1 - Claim Immediately At TGE

  • If User A claims immediately at TGE, they can claim 1000 $ZEX but can claim none of the 7-Day Bonus.

  • Total claimable amount is 1000 $ZEX

Scenario 2 - Claim After 4 Days

  • If User A waits for 4 days before claiming, they can claim all of their allocation of 1000 $ZEX & approximately 4/7 of the 7-Day Bonus, 571 $ZEX

  • Their total claimable amount is now 1571 $ZEX

Scenario 3 - Claim after 7 Days

  • Since the 7-day period is complete, User A can claim the full 1000 $ZEX from their allocations and the full 1000 $ZEX from their 7-Day Bonus Allocation

  • Their total claimable amount is now 2000 $ZEX

Staking Airdrop

For full details please see Staking Airdrop

The staking airdrop (2% of supply) rewards token holders that indicate their commitment to Zetaโ€™s long-term success and governance by staking their tokens within the first epoch after TGE, ending 25th July at 09:59 UTC. The staking airdrop will be allocated in proportion to a userโ€™s average governance score, gZEX, over the epoch. The longer a user commits to staking their tokens and the more tokens they lock, the larger their gZEX will be.


For example, if my average gZEX over the first epoch is 100 and the total average gZEX is 10,000, I would receive 1% of the Staking Airdrop.

Staking Airdrop Distribution

The staking airdrop will be distributed on 25th July, at the end of the Genesis Epoch. The Staking Airdrop will be distributed as gZEX staked for 90 days. Once a user begins vesting their gZEX, it will convert to liquid ZEX over 90 days.

Staking Airdrop Allocation

A user's average gZEX will be calculated by sampling gZEX randomly every hour over the course of the epoch. Based on a stakerโ€™s average gZEX over the epoch, they will receive a proportional share of the staking airdrop.

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