๐Ÿ’ฑTrading Rewards Program

Earn $ZEX by trading on Zeta

Zetaโ€™s trading rewards program aims to incentivize trading on the protocol to stimulate platform growth. The rewards are distributed in the form of $ZEX token. They are distributed to the traders based on their total epoch Z-Scores at the end of each epoch.


Z-Score is the scoring system used to determine trading rewards allocation on Zeta. Users can earn Z-Score by trading on Zeta. Z-Scores are updated in real-time as trades take place.

The Z-Score earned from a trade is calculated as follows:

zscore=(โˆ‘ama)ร—fร—1000zscore = (\sum_{a}m_a)\times f \times 1000



f represents the trading fees paid, m refers to any active boosts or multipliers such as a referral bonus, and a refers to the active boosts. Note that all boosts and multipliers are applied to the fees paid, making them additive.

Epoch Schedules

Rewards are distributed to traders based on their total Z-Scores earned in epochs. Each epoch (except the Genesis Epoch) lasts 28 days. Epochs start at 10:00:00 UTC of the starting date, and ends at 09:59:59 UTC on the 28th day.

The $ZEX rewards pool for each epoch will be announced before the epoch begins.

EpochStarting DateRemark


07 June 2024

Ends 28 days after TGE


25 July 2024

Starts 28 days after TGE


22 August 2024

The Genesis Epoch is the first epoch. It is a longer epoch which begins at the snapshot on 7 Jun 2024 and ends 28 days after TGE date. As the very first epoch, a total of 8,000,000 $ZEX has been allocated as the reward.

Reward Distribution Formula

In each epoch, tradersโ€™ rewards will be calculated as follows:

r=Rร—zscoreโˆ‘nzscorenr=R \times \dfrac{zscore}{\sum_{n}zscore_n}

where R is the total rewards pool allocated for the epoch in $ZEX, and r refers to the rewards allocated to a specific trader.

Traders will not be able to see their rewards before an epoch concludes. As rewards are in the form of $ZEX tokens, traders will be able to claim them in full, once it is available for claiming.

Rewards are calculated once the epoch ends. After which, a small window of time (1-2 days) may be required to finalize the rewards, before it becomes available for claiming.

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