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Brief Introduction & History of Zeta

Founded in 2021 by a team of trading and software development professionals, Zeta Markets is a pioneering crypto perpetuals exchange on Solana. Zeta distinguished itself early on by winning the second ever Solana hackathon, competing against more than 13,000 teams. This success accelerated the transition of Zeta Markets from a mere proof of concept to a leading decentralized exchange.

In December 2021, Zeta Markets announced a $8.5M strategic funding round backed by renowned industry players including Electric Capital, Jump Crypto, Wintermute and Solana Ventures, among others. As of March 2024, Zeta Markets has facilitated trading volumes exceeding $2.8 billion, serving more than 71,600 MAU, and these numbers continue to grow. The vision of Zeta Markets is ambitious yet clear: to place the power of permissionless, non-custodial trading into the hands of every trader in the world.


Zeta Markets is invested in by Electric Capital, Jump Capital, Wintermute, and Solana Ventures.

Additional investors include Race Capital, DACM, Airtree Ventures, Amber Group, Sino Global Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, MGNR, 3kVC, LedgerPrime, and SkyVision Capital.

Zeta's Path Forward

โ€œThe power of onchain trading in the hands of every traderโ€, from vision to reality. More details in the full Roadmap.

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