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An overview of Zeta Node

Zeta Node is a Solana Validator that runs a Jito-Solana client. The software is installed on a bare metal server in a highly connected data center located in Tokyo, Japan.

Zeta aims to support decentralization within the Solana Network by contributing to consensus via our highly performant staking infrastructure.

Staking Rewards

Staking SOL with any Solana validator, including Zeta Node, is non-custodial. This means that only the owner of the SOL can access, remove, or transact with their staked SOL.

Jito's software enables Solana to run more efficiently. SOL staked to Zeta Node may earn Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) rewards, in addition to the inflationary rewards offered by the Solana network.

What is MEV?

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) refers to the value that searchers (traders) can collect from a blockchain by re-ordering, inserting, or removing transactions. For example, imagine there is a trade opportunity that arises between two Automated Market Making (AMM) protocols. Savvy traders might use tools like Jito to order their trades into a single Solana block and beat everyone else to the punch.

Long story short, MEV can help improve the performance of the Solana network by reducing spam and bundling multiple transactions together. It also keeps markets efficient.

Validator Information

Security and Hardware

  • Validator keys are secured within a Squads multi-sig wallet instance.

  • Zeta Node's bare metal server is provided by Latitude, a global enterprise-grade infrastructure provider. You can find more information about Latitude at https://www.latitude.sh/.

How to Stake?

You can stake directly from either Solflare or Phantom wallet.

You can also connect your wallet to one of the services below and stake:


Reach out on our dedicated Discord validator channel:

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