📖Getting Started on Zeta

Beginners start here!

Once you click connect wallet in the top right hand corner, the wallets identified in your browser will appear in the menu displayed below.

Don't have a solana wallet yet? Click here.

Funding your account with USDC

  1. Ensure you have SOL to pay for gas fees. You will need at least 0.10 of $SOL to pay for gas fees.

  2. Ensure you have USDC in your wallet to fund your account with.

  3. Select which asset you want to trade and enter the amount of USDC you would like to deposit.

Zeta has one unified margin account for trading all assets.

Asset selection

Zeta currently supports five perp trading pairs — SOL/USDC, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, APT/USDC and ARB/USDC. We take a strategic approach to asset listings and aim to list hot, liquid assets with staying power.

To begin trading, select your trading pair using the dropdown asset menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Star your favorite markets to save time upon returning to the platform.

Opening a new position

To enter a position, deice whether you are selling or buying at the top of the order form. Then, you simply select the desired number of contracts you want to purchase (or the amount in USDC), specify your entry price (if using a Limit Order), and then move the slider to adjust your account leverage.

Closing a position

Unlike dated futures and options, perpetual contracts don't expire, so your positions will remain open until your manually close them, or your are liquidated.

To close your position, select the Close button that relates to your position listed in the positions tab. Once you select the circle with the X in the middle, a close position box will pop up.

Viewing your trade history

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