S1 Zeta Cards

Send your Z-Score into overdrive

Introducing Zeta Cards, a tool for maximizing your Z-Score on Zeta.

Zeta Cards leverage compression on Solana to provide an innovative 'first in DeFi' incentive program that is only possible on Solana.

Z-Pass: Purple

Z-Pass: Purple is designed to provide traders with a short term 2x boost to the Z-Score earned for trading on Zeta.

How to Activate Your Benefits

  1. Burn the NFT: To activate your 2x Z-Score boost, burn your Z-Pass: Purple NFT. This can be done using most popular wallets or directly from Zeta's trading interface.

  2. Trade: During the next 7 days, all taker trades you execute will earn you double the Z-Score points.

Once burned, the NFT will be destroyed and a 7-day timer will initiate immediately. Your benefits become active within the same hour you burn the NFT.

Importantly, this benefit stacks well with any other boost you may be receiving (e.g. the boost for your position on the leaderboard).

Don't bother burning multiple cards within a 7-day period. Benefits from cards do not stack with each other; a second burn simply resets the timer.

Who received a Z-Pass: Purple Card?

There are 4️⃣ different ways to acquire a Z-Pass in Season 1 👇

1. Solana Breakpoint '23

The Zeta team will be on-site at the Breakpoint conference in Amsterdam.

If you missed us there, let us know in our discord.

2. Holding the NFT of a Season 1 Partner

In the first season of Z-Score, we're coming out hot, having partnered up with several of the most goated NFT communities in web3.

What do I need to do to claim my Z-Pass? Nothing. We've already airdropped cards to all Mad Lad, Tensorian, or Banx NFT holders.

Those who participated in the recent Mad Wars trading competition have also be rewarded with a sweetener.

3. Promotional Campaigns

We will periodically be giving out Z-Passes for users that engage with Zeta. Trade on Zeta to get access to get direct access to the team on telegram.

If you're not already, be sure to follow and turn on notifications on X, you never know when the next drop might be 👀

4. Secondary Markets

Missed out on all of the opportunities above? No worries! Z-Passes are fully transferrable and can be acquired on secondary marketplaces like Tensor and Magic Eden.

Ready to burn?

Start trading now!

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