Market Maker Rewards

Taker Fee: 0.10%
Maker Fee: 0.00%
Maker tiers are determined weekly on Fridays at 08:00 UTC. Tiers are determined by a maker's contribution to volumes for a given week as per the table below. 'Futures' includes Expiring Futures Contracts and Perpetual Futures Contracts.

Maker Rebates

7D Volume Requirement
Maker Rebate
Maker volume of 5% of maker volume
Maker volume of 10% of maker volume
Maker volume of 15% of maker volume
Cash bonuses are determined weekly on Fridays at 08:00 UTC. Top makers on each market will be rewarded as per the table below.

Maker Cash Bonus

Addresses that meet the uptime requirement will be eligible for a weekly cash bonus on each market. Reach out to us on discord to be whitelisted.
7D Volume Requirement
Cash Bonus
#1 contributor to maker volume of an eligible market for a given week
^Per market

Uptime requirement

USDC 5K notional depth on either side of the book (USDC 10K in total) within a 40bps spread. Market makers must meet this requirement for 90% of the epoch.

Eligible Markets

  • SOL-Perp
  • APT-Perp
  • BTC-Perp
  • ETH-Perp
  • ARB-Perp