What are Rewards?

Rewards are earned by taking orders from the orderbook.
Until further notice, there will be 2,000 USDC up for grabs every week for traders on Zeta.

How are rewards earned?

Rewards for an individual account will be divided between traders based on their share of the Trading Fees paid for that week. Only fee paying orders will be counted for the purpose of individual account rewards.
Epochs are 7 day periods that begin and end every Friday at 08:00 UTC.

Rewards are allocated as per the formula:

Account Rewards=Rmin(n,FF)Account ~Rewards = R *min(n,\dfrac{F}{\sum{F}})
Definitions F: Total fees paid by the account in an epoch. n: The upper limit (%) at which fees paid will stop contributing to the calculation for an account. R: The amount of rewards allocated for an Epoch.