6. Account Balances

After funding your account (i.e., depositing USDC), your updated equity and buying power will be reflected in your account immediately.
Perpetual contracts on Zeta are undercollateralized, so your buying power will be up to an order of magnitude greater than your equity.



This is the current value of your account, including the current market value of all open positions and your USDC equity. I.e., your net liquidating value.

Available Balance

This is your USDC equity available for trading and withdrawal.

Buying Power

Your buying power is the amount of capital you are able to deploy after factoring in the leverage offering for the market you are trading. If the market you are trading has a maximum leverage of 10x and you deposit 100 USDC, you would have 1000 USDC worth of buying power.

Account Leverage

The overall leverage ratio of your account. Your account leverage is equal to the value of all open positions divided by your account equity.