2. Funding Your Account

USDC — it's all you need.
To start your trading journey on Zeta, you need to connect your Solana wallet to the DEX and fund your account with USDC. When depositing USDC onto Zeta from your Solana wallet, you will need a minute amount — fractions of pennies worth — of $SOL to pay for gas fees.
Click Select Wallet to display available selections
Select your preferred wallet from the list
Connect your wallet
All perp trading pairs on Zeta are USDC margined so you will never need to deposit any asset other than USDC on the platform, and your PnL will always be reflected in USDC terms. Margin accounts on Zeta are currently isolated by asset, so you will have four siloed margin accounts — one for each asset (SOL, BTC, ETH, and APT). More assets coming soon!
Once your ready to deposit, you’ll simply select the margin account you want to deposit into and your deposit amount, then you’re ready to trade. If you deposit USDC into a margin account for one asset and decide you want to trade another asset, you can seamlessly transfer USDC to a fro margin accounts with one-click — just select Transfer and select both the origin and destination margin account.
Because Zeta is built on a layer 1 blockchain (Solana), you’ll never need to bother with bridging assets or transferring funds to L2s, sidechains, or subnets. Thanks to Solana being the most performant L1 blockchain, your deposits, withdrawals, and transfers effectively occur in real-time, so you don’t need to waste time waiting for network confirmations.