12. Exiting Your Position

Unlike dated futures and options, perpetual contracts don't expire, so your positions will remain open until closed or liquidated.
To close your position, select the Close button in the lower right-hand corner of your Positions view here:
At present using the Close button will close your entire position. If you would like to close only a portion of your position, or you want to place a limit order to close your position, you can place an offsetting order to do so.
For example, if you went long 100 SOL perp contracts and wanted to close half of them, you could place a sell-to-close order for 50 SOL perps contracts. This would offset half of your long SOL perps and leave you long 50 SOL perp contracts.
If you want to place a limit order to exit your position at a specified price, you would place an offsetting Limit Order (in an identical quantity to your existing order).
Long perp contracts are offset by placing sell-to-close orders while short perp contracts are offset by placing buy-to-close orders.