šŸš€Z-Score Boost Mechanics

We will have regular Z-Score boost events - for current events please see Live Campaigns

Trading Boosts

PnL Boost

  • The Top 100 PnLs on Zeta get a PnL multiplier (1st place - 2.00x, 2nd place - 1.99x, 3rd place - 1.98x, etc...) to their Z-Score.

Zeta NFT Cards

  • Zeta Cards, our NFT collection, can be burned to give a temporary boost to your Z-Score.

  • For full details, see Zeta Cards.

Referrals Boost

  • If you were referred to Zeta by a friend, you will receive a permanent +10% Z-Score boost.

  • For full details, see Referrals.

Campaign Boosts

Occasionally we will have ad-hoc events that give a boost to your Z-Score, recently this has happened for:

  • New Asset Listings

  • Release of Mobile

  • Lower Fees

  • Year of the Dragon

  • More to come!

Stay tuned to our social channels so you don't miss these events!

Ongoing Partner Boosts

Formula For Calculating Boosts

In simple terms, trading boosts stack whilst campaigns boosts are additive.

So being the top PnL trader and activating your NFT card will create a powerful synergy (2x * 3x = 6x say). However trading with your Backpack wallet will give you a separate 1.1x boost but this won't multiply with the existing 6x (i.e. you would get 6x + 0.1x).

We also often refer to trading boosts as the user's active boost. More often than not, this changes on an hourly basis due to the hourly rolling leaderboard, particularly during volatile price movements.


Formula For Calculating Z-Score

To calculate total Z-Score, it is the summation of all your trades (taking rewards more Z-Score than making) multiplied by the boosts at that current time, and additionally, 10% of your total referrals Z-Score.

zscoretotal=āˆ‘zscoretrade+0.1āˆ‘zscorereferralzscore_{total} =\sum_{}zscore_{trade} +0.1\sum_{}zscore_{referral}


Zeta intern trades $100,000 taker volume on Zeta on the SOL-PERP market and:

Trading Boosts

  • Is ranked 1 on the leaderboard ranked by PnL = 2x boost

  • Has burned a 3x Zeta Card = 3x boost

  • Has been referred to Zeta by a friend = 1.1x boost

Campaign Boosts

  • Trading during 2x $SOL market trading campaign = 2x boost (assuming all volume on SOL)

  • Using Backpack wallet = 1.1x boost

  • Has staked 1000 $PYTH = 1.1x boost

Zeta intern's boost = 2*3*1.1 + (1+0.1+0.1) = 7.8x

Total Z-Score Calculation

His friend, Solana intern, who he referred also trades $50,000 taker volume on a different market and so Zeta intern also receives 10% of his Z-Score for referring him.

Zeta intern's Z-Score = 7.8 * 100,000 + 0.1 * 50,000 = 785,000

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