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Introducing $ZETA

An introduction to the $ZETA token. Last update: 08/01/2024


There is no $ZETA token currently. Please follow our official communications channels on Twitter & Discord.

The $ZETA token

As the Zeta ecosystem scales the $ZETA token will become integral to its function, and will lay the foundation for governance and key protocol operations. Staking will be used as a vital mechanism to facilitate these token utility features.


The primary goal of the $ZETA token distribution is to allocate tokens to key stakeholders who will contribute to the growth and governance of the protocol. The distribution strategy emphasizes rewarding stakeholders who demonstrate a long-term commitment to the protocol. In the initial token distribution phase, we aim to allocate 10% of the total network tokens to these vital stakeholders, with a significant portion earmarked for traders who have used the Zeta protocol.
Traders. Those who actively use the protocol for their trading activities.
Liquidity Providers (Market Makers) Those who ensure the protocol remains a favorable trading environment for traders.
Ecosystem Partners. Essential protocols and institutions that play a significant role in the protocol's operations
The allocation for individual traders will be based on two factors: their Z-Score and their demonstrated long-term alignment with the protocol. Z-Score's impact on token distribution may be in direct proportion to Z-Score values or though a tiered system based on distinct Z-Score thresholds; or a combination of both.


To participate in governance, token holders must stake their tokens. This staking is viewed as a commitment to long-term participation in governance and protocol growth. Stakeholders who show this long-term alignment will receive a larger $ZETA allocation.


Following the initial distribution, we plan to continue releasing tokens through various incentives and emissions mechanisms related to trading activity. This ongoing process aims to maintain effective ecosystem incentives and ensure a fair and balanced governance structure as the protocol evolves.


Stay tuned!