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What exactly is Z-Score?
Z-Score is Zeta's groundbreaking incentive program & a prelude to the launch of the Zeta token. It’s an initiative aimed at true decentralisation, value-driven distribution, and reshaping the Solana token ecosystem.
How do I earn Z-Score?
Z-Score is awarded based on meaningful participation in the protocol. Simply put, for every $1 in volume that you trade, you earn 1 Z-Score. Additionally, based on your $ PnL rank, you’ll have a multiplier applied to your Z-Score. Finally, throughout Season 1 we’ll have a variety of initiatives where you can earn bonus multipliers - keep your eye on our Twitter & our Telegram!
What if I traded on Zeta before Z-Score?
Yes, Z-Score will absolutely be applied retroactively! We're rewarding all users that have supported Zeta from launch until now, and will be crediting users the score which they earned from historical trading volume as a token (pun intended?) of our appreciation for helping us to get to this point.
These points won't be applied until 26/10 at the soonest, but hang tight, we won't forget! Note that any PnL multipliers are not applied retroactively.
Is Z-Score tied directly to a token launch?
Yes. Z-Score is the pathway to our token. We want to reward genuine user engagement and accrue long-term value to those participating.
Wen token? Wen tokenomics?
We’ll be releasing key details related to the token before the end of Season 1.
How does Z-Score ensure a more balanced token distribution?
Our program is designed to reward a diverse set of stakeholders, mostly important those who actively contribute to Zeta’s success. We’ve also got a series of partnerships lined up with key communities in the Solana ecosystem that will help distribute Z-Score.
How is Zeta redefining the Solana token paradigm?
As OG builders on Solana, we've recognized the pitfalls of low floats, high FDVs, and skewed token distributions. They don't just misalign with our ethos; they create barriers for lasting scalability and genuine decentralisation while also ignoring those who matter most - the communities.
Our vision for our token transcends just your average token governance. We want to usher in a token that:
  • Houses true utility, aligning with our focus on innovation and DeFi - imagine a world where the token can be actively used on the platform.
  • Has concrete ties to protocol success.
  • A sizable token float that ensures liquidity.
  • True and widespread distribution, eliminating concentration; Z-Score is aimed at preventing the reign of bad actors and letting the Zeta community take charge.
  • Community-driven governance, ensuring that Zeta and by extension Solana DeFi are safe in the hands of those who truly belong to its ecosystem.
What can I do with my Z-Score?
Show the world! Your score is a measure of your usage of and engagement with the Zeta platform but also of your ability as a trader - so show it off! The best traders will be handsomely rewarded. Z-Score does not have any direct application of use such as purchases, raffles, or other means of "spending" it.
How long will the Z-Score program last?
While we don't have a firm end date for the program, we expect to have 2 seasons. This is to provide us with enough time to effectively promote and tune the program, while measuring the user and protocol level impacts.
Are there other ways for me to earn Z-Score besides trading?
Trading is currently the only method for building your Z-Score. However, other methods may occur throughout the program. These include, but are not limited to, referrals, social activity, promotions with ecosystem partners, and more. Keep your eye on our Twitter & Telegram! In the near term, we will look to have trading competitions, quests, and other events which offer creative opportunities to build Z-Score via trading. However, other methods may be added throughout the program.