What is a DEX?

A decentralised exchange is a platform for buyers and sellers to trade against each other without needing to rely on a central organisation or party to hold assets or clear trades. Instead this is done by automated, transparent code deployed on a distributed ledger.

What Are Derivatives?

In the DEX world you often see spot exchanges - these are exchanges where the underlying assets are traded. Derivatives are not tokens or cryptocurrencies, instead they are contracts that derive their price from an underlying asset, and as such provide exposure to this underlying asset.

What Are Options?

Options are contracts that give the buyer the choice to buy or sell an asset at a given price at a certain point in time. This means that the buyer can achieve unlimited upside buy limited downside as they have the choice to exercise the contract or not. To learn more read this.

What are Dated Futures?

Futures are contracts which allow the buyers/sellers to trade an asset at a predefined price at the expiration date. To learn more read this.

What Is Under Collateralization?

Under Collateralization allows users to trade with more capital than they currently have. This is extremely useful as it lets users utilise their capital more efficiently.

What Is Cross Margin?

When trading in an undercollateralized system there must be a system that tracks your capital, your profit and loss and your active positions and orders. By tracking all these things the system ensures that you have enough capital to service your positions. This is done at a portfolio level which means that your profit in some positions can be used to offset your loss in others, meaning you are margined across your portfolio.

Why Build On Solana?

Historically DEXes have not been able to match the performance of centralized exchanges due to speed and transaction fees. Solana allows over 50,000 transactions per second and fees less than 1 cent. This allows us to create an experience that rivals centralized exchanges whilst still maintaining decentralisation. Relative to other blockchains Solana offers this performance on the Layer 1 level - which gives the added benefit of composability with any protocol within the ecosystem. Lastly the Solana technical infrastructure is a lot more aligned with TradFi system, meaning that it is easier to onboard institutions onto DeFi.

Is Zeta Beginner Friendly?

Derivatives are undoubtedly more complex than spot trading, however we believe a lot of this is due to poor user experience and design. We strive to make things as simple as possible and believe that we have built the best derivatives trading experiences on DeFi for beginners.

Is Zeta Available On Mobile?

Yes! Zeta has been built keeping the mobile experience top of mind. While we do not have a native Android or iOS app we do have a mobile optimized website that you can access via your browser. It is designed to look and feel like an app and is something we are very proud of, try it out! Note that trading is currently (as of 1st Feb 2023) unavailable on mobile as we upgrade the experience.

What Are The Risks Of Using Zeta?

As with all trading platforms users can incur losses while trading. Seeing as we do under-collateralized trading, users also face the risk of being liquidated if they do not have enough capital to offset their losses.

Why Are We Called Zeta?

In options trading there are these metrics known as the Greeks - delta, gamma, theta, vega etc. There are all based off Greek letters. We are options geeks so Zeta which is also a Greek letter was a really cool name to us!

What About The Zeta Core Contributors?

The Zeta core contributors have traders and developers who have worked in some of the best tradfi derivatives trading firms, software devs/data scientists from huge tech companies, along with a bunch of experience across building apps for millions of active users.

Does Zeta Have A Token?


Geo Restrictions

Zeta is currently unavailable to users in the following locations: US
Burkina Faso
Cayman Islands
North Korea
South Sudan
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