Emergency Procedures

How the platform can handle unexpected situations.
Zeta's platform security is of utmost importance. To build a long-term project which is trusted to function, Zeta has put stability and security first on its list of priorities.

Platform Halt

Zeta's administrators hold the ability to halt the platform at any time, stopping withdrawals, trading, liquidations and settlement from occuring. This action may be undertaken if there are any significant bugs or oracle risks that are found. During a platform halt Zeta's administrators can override the oracle price, pricing parameters and internal exchange clock. All open orders will be cancelled during a platform halt.
If the platform is halted check Zeta's Discord for announcements on issues and current status.

Early Settlement

Early settlement on the Zeta platform can occur when the platform is halted, in the case that the platform is expected to be down for an extended period of time. Early settlement will settle users at mark prices determined by Zeta's risk engine. Funds will be safe and available to be withdrawn on platform resumption.
Zeta will announce on Discord before early settlement occurs and will communicate the mark prices of settlement to all parties.

Platform Resumption

Resumption of trading on the Zeta platform will occur when potential issues are confirmed to be resolved.
Prior to resumption of trading an announcement will be made on Zeta's Discord.
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